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From automating data processing needs to developing forecasting models, Bada Consulting provides rigorous data analytical expertise that unlocks key insights for clients. Our wide range of clients have benefitted from the application of sophisticated economic, financial, and statistical tools. With our client-first approach, we strive for maximum client satisfaction and the highest standards of quality.

What is Bada?

Bada, derived from the Korean language ("바다"), is best translated to English as the "Sea". Where the sea serves as the bridge between the land and the open ocean, Bada Consulting serves as the bridge between clients and the vast amounts of data yet to be discovered. We are thrilled in helping our clients extract hidden "signals" from the "noise" and are proud of our reputation in transforming complex data to easily accessible and interpretable findings. Our priority is to establish a strong connection and inter-dependent reliance between our clients and the data.

Our Values


Client First

Our "client-centric" approach ensures every single client with the utmost priority. We remain committed to staying closely connected with our clients to fully address their needs.

Analytical Maestros

No project is too small or large. Our innovative, rigorous, and practical solutions significantly help clients take their projects and businesses to the next level.


We are proud of our reputation for delivering the highest quality work and for maximum client satisfaction. We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients every step of the way.

Excellent Listeners

Communication is everything. We strive to understand the full scope of our clients' needs, bringing visionary ideas to life.

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What We Do

Business, Economics, and Academic Research

Research assistance, analytical support, and drafting of reports applicable for business, economics, and academic research.

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Econometrics & Statistical Analyses

Forecast modeling, financial modeling, optimization problem-solving, and causal inference estimations, suited for various purposes / problems.

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Data Visualizations & Dashboard Development

Dynamic dashboard development uniquely designed to capture key insights from surveys, market data, KPIs, and much more.

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Machine Learning Applications

Intricate modeling ranging from unsupervised clustering to deep learning that fully leverages any and all forms of data.

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Data Analytics

General data analytical expertise, fully equipped to address various problems including, but not limited to, customer behavior analysis, market research, sentiment analysis, and survey analysis.

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Cloud Computing & Software Architecture

Employing forward-thinking approaches in cloud computing, infrastructure, front/back-end platforms, and software architecture, we strive to generate lasting value for our clients.

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Recent Engagements

Impact of Forecasting

Enhancing Long-Term Market Forecasting Using Proprietary Data and Dynamic Modeling: A Comprehensive Approach for Stakeholder Decision Support.

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Impact of Optimal Price

Optimizing Discount Pricing Strategies: A Data-Driven Solution for Businesses to Maximize Revenue and Win Rates Through Automated Customization.

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Unlocking Insights

Exploring the Integration of Machine Learning in Understanding Criminal Recidivism: Uncovering Trends and Missing Perspectives in Academic Literature.

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